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Jemma Ruane MAR GJC (Dip. Reflex)

Phone: 07745 725164


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Melt Reflexology Services and Price List:

The first Reflexology session includes a free health and lifestyle consultation as well as full investigative Reflexology session. This will take about 1hr 10mins.  A Reflexology follow up session is tailored to your specific needs following the findings of the first session, a progress review and provision of aftercare advice. This will take about 50 minutes.

£35 per session at
Chapel Allerton Physiotherapy Clinic - 86 Harrogate Road, Leeds, LS7 4LZ

Most people gain maximum benefit from having a course of Reflexology treatments. A free health and lifestyle  consultation is included in the first session.

When a course of six sessions is booked at your first
Reflexology appointment, the first Reflexology session is free.

A course of 6 sessions costs £175 (Save £35)

Please note that we can only accept payment by cash or cheque. Thank you.

Gift vouchers available on request.

Baby and Toddler Reflex

Either private tuition or group sessions are available.

The course is aimed to teach parents how to do reflexology on their child.

New courses run for three consecutive weeks, lasting about an hour each session.  These can either be at the Chapel Allerton Physiotherapy Clinic, or at your own home.

The cost is £75 per course which includes learning notes and charts to take home

If you host a group course at your home, we offer you the course for half price!

Please contact 07745725164 for more details, one to one sessions also available.

Private Health Insurance

Some private health insurance plans will pay for Reflexology treatments if the Reflexologist is registered with the AOR. Every health insurance plan offers varying contributions to the treatments so please refer to your policy for details. The following companies offer schemes covering


Pamper Parties

Everyone enjoys being pampered and a great way to relax and have fun is to enjoy a Melt Reflexology Pamper Party.  We cater for both children and adults and the package is tailoured especially to your needs.  Please contact us for further details and prices.