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Does Reflexology work?

Often people
are unsure about how Reflexology works and how successful it is. Recently there has been more research into the effects of Reflexology on the body which all show positive results.

Reflexology to Aid Birthing (2011)

A pilot study carried out at Walsall’s Manor Hospital revealed that reflexology can be hugely beneficial in the later stages of pregnancy.  The results show that overall, the length of the first stage of labour was four hours shorter and the second stage - when the woman starts to push - was 21 minutes shorter, than of those women who had not received the reflexology treatment.  Also far less pain releif in labour was required in those who had Reflexology during the later stages of pregnancy.

CAM Pilot Project in Northern Ireland (2008)

Results show that 80% of patients had an improvement in the severity of their presenting condition, and is also showed significant patient improvements in lower pain levels, increased activity levels, using less medication, and improved overall well being and general health.

MRI Research

Scientists in Hong Kong have used Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to validate
Reflexology. Three separate studies have shown that when pressure is applied to specific areas of the foot then the brain is activated in the corresponding specific areas and correlates with the theory of Reflexology.

1999 and 2001 Austrian Research

Two separate studies have shown than when the kidney reflex is worked on the foot that the blood flow to the kidneys increases, and when the same is done to the intestine reflex the blood flow to the intestines increase. This proves than when a specific of the foot is worked it increases blood flow to the corresponding body part thereby maximising and accelerating the healing process.

Melt Reflexologydoes reflexology work?